This file may be freely used, edited, copied or redistributed,, but please take notice of the jalbum license notes.


Version: 1.2

Description: this is a context menu plugin. Place it in the jalbum/ext directory, and right-click a thumbnail to start. It will launch JTextPad with a textfile named imagename.txt. You can retrieve the textfile by putting the following in your slide.htt:

<ja:include page="<%= new File(imageDirectory, label+".txt") %>" />

However, this doesn't work well when working with virtual image files. This will retrieve the textfile anytime when stored next to the image:

<ja:include page="<%= new File(representingFile.getAbsolutePath().substring(0, representingFile.getAbsolutePath().lastIndexOf(".")) + ".txt");%>" />

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